Friday, May 22, 2015

Me Made May no more!

So, I've decided to chuck in Me Made May, for a few reasons. Firstly, I just cannot be bothered taking photos every day. I'm far too busy rushing kids out the door to think about taking happy snaps! Secondly, some days I've wanted to wear something store bought. Thirdly, I know that I have more than enough me mades to last me for a month, so it's really not going to give me a huge amount of personal satisfaction if I stick to it for a month. I wear me mades 9 days out of 10 so it's not a huge deal.

I've made a few little things, though. Jimmy was invited to a girl's birthday party, and I decided to try the Blossom Skirt from Issue 6 of One Thimble magazine.

This is a really nice little pattern. I found the elastic insertion a little tricky, and it's done in a way that makes it really difficult to alter the elastic length later on. Next time, I think I will just make a casing.

There are sweet little single pleats in the pockets. So cute!

I decided to make one for Lizzie at the same time, because why not?

I haven't heard if the recipient likes her skirt, because she didn't open her presents at the party, and her mother hasn't even bothered to send me a text message to say thank you. Unfortunately this seems to be the norm nowadays and I find it so rude!

I also made Lizzie another Gallery dress, this time with simple short sleeves and a cute asymmetrical collar. She wore it to her school's free dress day today and the teachers were gushing about how clever I am. 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Me Made May: Week 1

I'm kinda half-heartedly doing this challenge this year. I know that I have enough me-mades to last me a month, but being a busy working mum leaves me very little time to take photos of my outfits. So I'll just do my best and not worry too much if I miss a day here and there.

Day 1: Pique shift dress, Simplicity 1609, with wool coat (op shop purchase) and 1970s brown leather boots.

Day 2: Kwiksew 3668 blouse, New Look 6106 skirt, and Colorado wedges.

Day 3: Simplicity Lisette 2246 dress

Day 4: Kwiksew 3668 blouse and skirt from Day 2. Review cardigan and Target flats.

Day 5: Simplicity Lisette Round Trip dress.

Day 6: Polka dot Kwiksew Sew 3668 blouse with hot pink Simplicity 2154 skirt (no pic)

 Day 7: New Look 6000 dress with ASOS sandals and Review cardigan

Day 8: Off to see a musical with my best buddy. New Look 6078 blouse, my new Jeans West jeans, Corelli leather boots, and op shopped jacket.

Day 9: New Look 6910 dress, Miss Shop cardigan, and Mollini cork heels.

Whoops, today is the 10th...I've missed a day somewhere! Oh well!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Another dress for Betty: Boo! Designs Gallery dress

I know, I know...I have made so many things for her this year. But I love it. She loves to wear them and I love the fact that I'm using up small bits of stash fabric at the same time!

I recently purchased the Gallery Dress pdf pattern by Boo! Designs. I love these patterns and think I will get some more (the Firely dress that I made for Lizzie's birthday is by Boo). It is a very simple dress with multiple sleeve, collar and closure options.

I chose no sleeves, placket back with snaps, and drafted my own Peter Pan collar. This was so easy and fun to sew. I made a boo boo somewhere when I drafted the collar- clearly there should not be a gap between the two pieces- but it's okay! Lizzie still loves it. I can't wait to make another one!