Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Spit Up and Stilettos Harper Blouse

Last year, someone on a Facebook sewing page shared a link to this wonderful site: All, yes ALL, of their ladies' patterns are free! I downloaded the 4 that I liked best, printed them, and forgot about them. Last month I was thinking that I need to make a casual top, so I dug this one out. 

I had quite a bit of floral voile left over from the Firefly dress I just made for my daughter, and thought it would be perfect for this top. There are only 4 pattern pieces (well, 3 really...but either give you a collar and a collar facing, which are exactly the same) and it was super quick to cut out. The pattern says it takes 3-4 hours to sew, but it's so much quicker than that- even for a slowpoke like me! I think it took 2.5 hours including cutting. But I was lazy and didn't do the belt, belt loops, or rolled hem.

It was just sooo easy! I tried it on when it was finished and it was definitely far too sacklike for my shapeless figure, so I added dart tucks to nip it in a bit. They did the trick perfectly!

The neck kind of gapes open when I wear it. I considered adding a button closure but I didn't really want a restrictive high mandarin neck, so I've just left it and I think it looks fine. It looks great with leggings or my awesome Sourpuss pedal pushers.

In other news, my dear friend Trudie asked me to make her son a quilt cover using a vintage Star Wars sheet. I asked for a piece of fabric as payment, and this is what she gave me!

Aren't they divine? The yellow, orange and purple one is going to be made into a little shift dress, hopefully this weekend! I feel very clever, getting new fabrics when I'm on a fabric buying ban!