Saturday, May 9, 2015

Me Made May: Week 1

I'm kinda half-heartedly doing this challenge this year. I know that I have enough me-mades to last me a month, but being a busy working mum leaves me very little time to take photos of my outfits. So I'll just do my best and not worry too much if I miss a day here and there.

Day 1: Pique shift dress, Simplicity 1609, with wool coat (op shop purchase) and 1970s brown leather boots.

Day 2: Kwiksew 3668 blouse, New Look 6106 skirt, and Colorado wedges.

Day 3: Simplicity Lisette 2246 dress

Day 4: Kwiksew 3668 blouse and skirt from Day 2. Review cardigan and Target flats.

Day 5: Simplicity Lisette Round Trip dress.

Day 6: Polka dot Kwiksew Sew 3668 blouse with hot pink Simplicity 2154 skirt (no pic)

 Day 7: New Look 6000 dress with ASOS sandals and Review cardigan

Day 8: Off to see a musical with my best buddy. New Look 6078 blouse, my new Jeans West jeans, Corelli leather boots, and op shopped jacket.

Day 9: New Look 6910 dress, Miss Shop cardigan, and Mollini cork heels.

Whoops, today is the 10th...I've missed a day somewhere! Oh well!

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