Friday, August 24, 2012

Cool weather New Look 6808

I decided to have another go at  New Look 6808, this time with longer sleeves (View A). 

Since I had so much trouble with the fit last time, I decided to do some 'proper' alterations instead of just adding or subtracting at the side seams. So I did a large waist alteration, using instructions from the Colette Sewing Book. Using this method, I added an inch to the waist; I also made the ends of the waist darts higher by about 1cm as I knew from last time that I needed to pinch more out from under my bust.

The fit STILL isn't making me's slightly snug around the hips, and still a bit too big at the bust side seams. However, I do like it.

Pattern used: New Look 6808

Fabrics and notions 
Quilter's cotton, purchased last year
16" zipper

Pattern alterations or any design changes
Large waist adjustment
Lengthened waist darts
Shortened overall length by 2 inches
Changed the cuffs (read on to find out why)

Did you use any new skills?  
Nope, but it was much easier doing a lapped zipper this time around.
The cuffs are supposed to have these little cutout things in them...I tried from every angle and every direction to do it, but it is literally impossible- you just cannot fit the cuff over the arm of the machine. So I just eliminated the slash and made the cuffs plain.
Pattern: I've already used it, so I'm not counting it in the costFabric: $15/m (VERY exxy for me!); used about $8 worth
Zipper: $1.50
Thread: Stash
Total: $9.50

Wearability factor
Pretty good. I've worn it twice now. Problem is it needs to be ironed and I have a thing about only wearing ironed clothes to work...I feel it's a waste of me ironing if I wear it around the house!