Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The unsensible sewing continues!

I haven't posted anything in a while but I have a few projects to share.

'Apple Mouse' is perpetually waving...I must have overstuffed his left arm!

It was my boy Jimmy's 6th birthday yesterday. After seeing the mouse I made his little sister for her birthday, he asked for one for his. That was in fact the only thing he asked for. Isn't he a darling! His only demand was that it be made from apple fabric.

This was fun to make- except for the nose, which has to be stitched in place whilst holding in the stuffing and keeping the edges turned in. I got the shits with it and it looks crap if you look closely. But he loves it and takes it everywhere.

I also made him two pairs of shorts as all of his shorts are size 2 or 3 and it's time he had some new ones. 

I don't like these ones at all- they are from the same pattern that I made my husband's birthday shirt from. 
The fit was huge so I had to add elastic to the back. He likes them though.


 The other pair is from an old issue of Ottobre children's magazine. I don't make a lot of patterns from them as I hate adding seam allowances, but I recently got myself a tracing wheel and carbon so it was not so painful. There are supposed to be cargo pockets on the legs but I left them out. As you can see, I did not bother with pattern matching at all. Whatevs. They are still groovy.


Lastly, yet another item with crazy fabric. I need to make myself some pants for this winter as I have put on even more bulk in my botty region and NONE of my pants from last winter fit me. The Thurlows that I made in November I had a suspicion would be too small this year, and they are. So I decided to try the next size up but make them in shorts first just in case the fit was off.

I'm pretty happy with the fit except in the crotch area. They seem to be pulling down towards the bottom of the front crotch. I will consult my fitting books and remedy this before I make the pants.


Oh, and I bought two new patterns! Going to start an Emery some time this week. The Macaron...well, it wasn't until AFTER I'd bought it that I did some research and discovered how much trouble people have had with this pattern! So I will work on some muslins in the next few months.

What are you working on at the moment?