Monday, April 27, 2015

Op shop goodies

I used to be completely addicted to op shops. I couldn't drive past one without getting itchy fingers. "I'll just pop into this op shop" was met by groans from the children. However, I found that I got carried away and bought things that either didn't suit me, or didn't fit, and more often than not I'd end up donating the items back to my local op shop. So I've mostly steered clear of them for the past year.

Last week I found myself with loads of time before the afternoon school pick up, and realised I was right near an Endeavour Foundation store. These stores are extremely overpriced for second hand goods, but I've occasionally found a bargain there. I've been on the hunt for a wool coat and found this absolute gem for $17. It's Australian made by Urban Tailors and fits me perfectly. The colour does not photograph well at all, but it's a lovely pistachio green.

I also grabbed this little blouse for $7. The shape is hideous and boxy, but I love the fabric and sleeves.

I bought it with the intention of reshaping it, but it actually looks quite nice on. I may add some darts or tucks to the front of it.

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