Wednesday, April 8, 2015

More stuff for Betty!

So I've kinda gone a bit crazy this week. I really enjoyed making the shorts for Lizzie (or Betty, as we sometimes call her), and decided to make two dresses for her, thinking she could wear one on Easter Sunday. I pulled out this pattern that I hadn't tried out yet. 

Super, super easy. I chose to make very simple, unadorned ones as my two fabrics are very busy- a navy pique with white birds and colourful flowers, and a bright floral corduroy on a pink background. I cut all the pieces out and was going to try to make both dresses at once, but I knew that if I set myself a deadline (I had to finish them that day to have one ready for Easter), I would make a big booboo somewhere. So I decided just to sew up the pink one.

I had some really cute green polka dot bias binding in my stash and thought that would look cute to finish all the edges. Also, I thought binding would be quicker than the facings the pattern called for. It wasn't really, but the effect is very cute.

I made a size 5 and it is super huge on my tiny girl. But hey, I'd rather it be too big than too small! She didn't care at all that it was massive, and proudly wore it to Easter lunch at Gran's house. The other dress is sitting in my project bag...these are really winter dresses, and I had a hankerin' to squeeze in a few more summer items even though we are into the second month of Autumn. Today was the first autmnish day we've had so far.

Onto the summer items! I've had this pattern since Lizzie was a baby, and am ashamed to say I've never used it. It only goes up to size 4 so I thought I'd give it a go while she still can squeeze into it. I cut out the two top patterns, plus another pair of Blue Jays shorts, all using combinations of the blue gingham and brown floral.

I made the little button-back top on Monday night. It was stupidly quick and easy, and how cute does it look?

Yesterday morning I decided to make a start on the shorts. I sewed up the leg seams, put one leg inside the other to sew the crotch seam...and realised I'd cut two of the same leg. How did I do this stupid thing? Well, the fabric wasn't wide enough to cut the piece on the fold, so I cut it twice on a single layer. What I didn't do was flip the pattern piece over for one of them!! 

Gah! I was so annoyed. These shorts were going to be so cute! And I'd used up all the floral fabric! 
I ummed and ahhed and in the end decided to cut the bits into two big rectangles, keep the original waistband that I'd cut, and add another strip of gingham to the bottom. Voila, a skirt!

So I finished that in the afternoon...after dinner, I decided to try to sew my final item, the peasant top. It took me just over an hour. After I sewed the neckline elastic casing, I couldn't be bothered doing another one, so for the sleeves I did a rolled hem and then sewed very thin elastic about 1cm from the edge. I like this look!

This top could have done with at least another two inches of length, but I'm happy, and Lizzie absolutely adores it! And I'm so pleased that I managed to start and finish not one, but two items in one day. Annnd, everything came from my stash! 

So, after a mammoth week of sewing, Elizabeth now has lots of Mummy-mades! I'm already thinking of what I can make next! Jimmy is not at all interested in having anything made for him. 
I'd forgotten how fun and fast it is to make kids' clothes :)


  1. These are absolutely gorgeous! Lucky little girl. I'd like to make things for my niece but don't feel I can without doing so for my nephews as well. Boys are so much harder!

    1. Boys are tricky! My son loves the Star Wars quilt and cushion cover I made him last month, but he isn't the least bit interested in hand made clothes!