Sunday, April 19, 2015

Casual denim skirt

After having thoroughly spoiled my daughter with so many mummy-mades a couple of weeks ago, I thought I should make something for myself- something casual, not another flowery dress!

On a related note, I'd heard through the Facebook grapevine about Sew Box Subscriptions. They are a monthly box of mystery sewing goodies, including fabrics, patterns, notions and sewing tools. I didn't want to commit to a subscription so I asked the business owner if I could try it out for one month. My box arrived a week ago, full of strawberry goodness!

I'm very happy with what I got in the box, but at $45 a month, it's not something I'm going to do again. Most of the things in the box aren't things I would normally buy, even though they are cute, so I'd prefer to use the money to buy what I want (curse my stupid fabric buying ban!). 

I decided straight away to nab the denim for myself and make a very simple skirt. This skirt pattern is super cute, easy, fits me perfectly, and uses barely any fabric, so it was the obvious choice.

I made the shortest view, and used watermelon-print cotton for the waistband and pocket linings. This took me only two hours to make.

I used a denim needle, and top stitched with two spools of thread- one goldeny colour, and one beige. The denim is very thick, so there are a couple of stitches that are slightly longer or shorter than the rest where I went over the bulky seams. 

Overall, a very satisfying make!