Sunday, May 4, 2014

Simplicity 2154 & Me Made May

Yet again I haven't really been sticking to my New Year's Re-sew-lution list. I don't know why I bother making those lists at the start of the year...I never stick to them! In any case, I have two thirds of a new outfit to show you.


I bought this pattern last year because I love the blouse. I have a skirt pattern that's identical and I hate knits so I thought I'd never make the cardi. But make it I did, because I had a hankerin' for a red cardi and I'm on a clothing buying ban this year and I can't knit so I had to sew one. 

It was super easy. The instructions tell you to sew every seam on the overlocker. The only tricky part was the button plackets, which are actually two strips of grosgrain ribbon. My knit fabric kept rolling into a really tight little sausage shape that no amount of ironing or shouting at it would remedy. I got there in the end, but somehow the left side is almost 3/4 of an inch longer than the right side! You can't tell unless the buttons are done up and you look closely.


This cardi would be great with slightly longer sleeves, maybe with a cuff, which would actually be much easier than hemming the sleeve ends as it's difficult to fit the sleeve tube onto the sewing machine's arm.

I started on the blouse pretty much straight away. I had some very polyestery-feeling stuff in my stash which I found in an op shop last year. I thought I had plenty to make the blouse. I purposely left out the front and back waist darts as I wanted a more 'blousey' look, and also because I didn't want to put in a side zipper so needed lots of room to get it over my head. It has a back neck opening too so getting it on and off is no problem.


I didn't have enough fabric to make the ginormous bow. I thought about making one out of some black and white stuff (as opposed to white and black), but when I completed it I realised it looked cute as hell without the bow anyway. And if I feel like it, I can just tie a scarf through the hole, like so-


This blouse is a winner! The collar is adorable and I love the little cutouts on the front and back. It looks great tucked in or left to dangle. Will definitely make this one again!


Me Made May

I haven't officially signed up for this, but I'll do it anyway!

 Day 1: Backwards Birdie Blouse; Basque ponte skirt; Target cardi, and the cutest Mel wedges ever.

Day 2: Emery Dress; Target flats.

Day 3: Gingham Cambie; Target cardi and flats.

Day 4: Simplicity 2154 cardi and blouse; Lee Riders Super Skinnies; Target flats.

I've cut out another Emery, this time with long sleeves. It took me two nights to cut it out! I hate cutting and transferring markings and always want to get straight to the sewing! 

Have a great week :)

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