Sunday, May 25, 2014

Me Made May- Week 4

Day 19: My 36th birthday! We had a nice day, heading down to Point Danger in the morning and then dinner at the top of Q1. 
I wore a blouse that I made in 2012, my hot Sourpuss pedal pushers, and cheap cardi.

Side note: my hubby gave me an iPad for my birthday and I'm really clueless about it. How does one post links? And how does one open up another browser page whilst in the middle of doing a blog post? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Day 20: Sewaholic Cambie and Miss Shop cardi. My son has been responsible for most of the photography this week!

Day 21: Ottobre ponte tunic, Big W leggings, Correlli leather boots.

Day 22: polka dot top, Basque ponte skirt, Target cardi, TUK peacock heels.

Day 23: New Look 6000, crappy cardi, Corelli heels.

Day 24: Top made from an old bed sheet, Lee super skinnies.

On Day 25 I wore a really boring me made blouse that I've already shown so didn't bother taking a pic. I'm struggling even though I have heaps more me-mades than I did last year. I think I'm getting fussier about what suits me, what fits me well, and what I feel comfortable in.

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