Sunday, May 11, 2014

Me Made May- Week 2


Day 5: Day off with my daughter. New Look 6078, my favourite jeans and a crappy old cardi for a morning at the botanic gardens.


Day 6: Green floral Emery; Miss Shop cardi; Top End wedges that I got from an op shop.

Day 7: I had a sick day. Got dressed in my New Look 6000, took all the kids to school then came home and got changed into my comfies and didn't take a pic. 

New Look 6107 skirt; crappy cardi and effing fabulous pink Mel heels. 


How cute are they?!



Day 10: Teaching at home. Kwiksew 3668 blouse; favourite jeans; Target flats and crappy cardi.


Day 11: Mother's Day. We went out for breakfast. Spring Dress; awesome wedges and crappy old pink cardi. I actually bought it in my first year of university in 2003.

It's been tricky getting pictures taken every morning and I've had to resort to using my 6-year-old as a photographer!

I have a dress that is about 85% complete so will hopefully have something new to wear this week. Because I totally need a new dress.

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