Friday, June 21, 2013

Hideous 70s Dress

I got this 1979 pattern in a bulk lot that I purchased on Ebay. It's been languishing in my pattern drawer for a while, waiting for the right fabric. If you are confused when you look at the size on the pattern, that is no mistake- apparently I  have the same measurements as an 11-12 year old girl. The only good thing about this fact is that I can sew up old patterns like this without the need to make alterations for my lack of bust and hips.


I bought this fabric from Lifeline a few months ago. I got 3 metres for the princely sum of $3. It's very floaty and soft and I think it may also be from the 70s (it sure smells like it). I decided to make a wintery dress out of it because the background colour is an exact match to my 'new' genuine 1970s brown leather boots ($20 on Ebay, thank you very much!).


I wanted to make long sleeves but was short on fabric by about 10cm so I made do with the shorter sleeves. I had planned on making View 3 (with no elasticised  waist), but when I tried it on I looked like this:

There was just soooo much fabric! It was HIDEOUS! So I had to go and add the casing line for the elastic after I'd sewn up 90% of the dress, which was about as enjoyable as being stuck in an elevator with a modern railway enthusiast. 

Everything came together pretty easily, except for the collar, which was too big for the neck by a massive 2 inches. I had to adapt the collar pattern and re-cut it. Oh, and I couldn't put a button at the neck because it won't do up. No idea how that happened but I think it looks fine with the neck open.

I don't think I'll ever make this again because it took me about 6 or 7 hours, and let's face it, it's damn ugly and does nothing for my 11-year-old figure. But it looks super cool with my 70s boots and 70s jacket.

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