Friday, July 5, 2013

Ridiculous 60s dress

Check out this silly dress I made. 


Aubergine corduroy, huge paisley pockets, a front zip and a removable Peter Pan collar...need I say more?


I used this 1969 pattern and removed 6 inches from the length. The dress is pretty hideous so I thought it make it really fun. I'm not sure if it really works, though. It rides up when I wear tights because I didn't line it, and that makes it bag up unattractively around my middle.


The collar was an afterthought as I'd made the dress to wear over a skivvy, but I thought in the warmer months I can wear it by itself with the collar on.


 What do you think???


  1. I think it's cool. I hope you keep wearing it.

    1. I nearly wore it today but chickened out!

  2. I like the last pose, please do that when I see you next :)

  3. Eeee, it's CUTE! I love the shape on you, could you wear a slip underneath to stop it riding up? That's what I do when wearing dresses I haven't been bothered to line :)