Sunday, June 9, 2013

Ottobre knit tunic

I started this tunic two years ago, not long after I first started sewing, thinking "How hard can knits really be?" 

Very bloody hard, it turns out. I have not touched a knit fabric since I started this project and threw it into my UFO box in disgust, having completed 90% of it.

Winter is here, and with it, my need to dress down on my days off with tunics, leggings and boots. I've looked around in the shops for some cheap tunics and there are none to be found- I guess they are out of fashion this season. So I dug out my UFO and decided to finish it once and for all.


The pattern is from Ottobre magazine. If you've never heard of it, it's from Finland and comes in Kids' and Women's issues. I subscribed for a year back in 2010, receiving 4 kids' issues and 2 women's. I haven't made too many projects from the mags- maybe 6 or 7- because I hate adding seam allowances. I'm such a lazy cow, aren't I?

This was actually the second one of these I'd made. The first one is here. I dutifully sewed the pin tucks on the front for the first one but couldn't be bothered with the second one. 

Sorry about the crappy photo.

 I bought this fabric about 3 years ago, before I became a super tight-arse fabric shopper. It was $24 per metre so I only bought one metre. I cannot imagine spending so much on fabric now- even though our family income has doubled in the past few years!

The instructions say to turn and topstitch the neck, but I thought it looked too flimsy (especially since this knit is so slinky) so when I picked it up to finish it, I decided to finish the neck with a band. It looks so much better.

All I had to do was finish the neckline and sew the hem, and I was done! Now I have a super cute tunic and I can't believe I let it wallow in my UFO box for so long.


  1. I love that fabric but am so in your boat, I would never spend that much on fabric anymore. Also, I try to only fabric shop when a sale is on. I don't know what it is, but if it's anymore than $15 a metre, I get a mental block and have to put it back (unless it's on sale!).

    1. $15/m is my absolute max, too! It would have to be pretty spesh for me to spend that much.