Sunday, May 26, 2013

Me Made May: Week 4

Day 20: Ottobre Magazine knit tunic; Big W leggings; Tony Bianco boots (my birthday present to myself)
I made this tunic a couple of years ago and have been too scared to touch knits since then, but I think I may give it another go.

 Day 21: Colette Pastille; Target cardi; vintage 70s boots- another birthday present to myself! These boots fit my tiny legs LIKE A DREAM and the leather is gorgeous- so dark and rich!

Day 22: I cheated here. I wanted to wear this dress (not me-made) with a me-made belt, but it was cold that day and I had to wear tights. The belt looked crap with the tights so I decided to go for a totally second hand outfit instead. 
The dress is Dec Juba, from Salvos; the cardi is a hand-me-up from my stepdaughter;  the tights are a hand-me-across from my sister in law; the shoes are from Lifeline. Total cost: $17.

Day 23: Backwards Birdie BlouseEasy Gathered Skirt; Big W cardi, shoes from op shop.

Day 24: Stuggling here. The only me-made item is the satin scarf I'm wearing as a belt! 
Miss Shop cardi; really old polka dotted blouse; Lee Riders jeans from op shop; Diana Ferrari shoes.

Day 25: New Look 3668;  black Kitten D'amour jeans from op shop; Diana Ferrari flats.

Day 26: Teal New Look 3668; Target cardi; Lee Riders jeans; brown leather platform sandals from op shop.

I'm really struggling with MMM! I have saved my favourite dresses for the final week. The weather here has become pretty cold lately so it's been harder to dress as I don't have all that many winter MMM items.


  1. You're doing well Hun and it's cool to see how you're styling things. Sexy 70's boots huh, you lucky thing.

    1. I couldn't believe my luck. $20, my exact size, and they fit my tiny calves!

  2. Birdie Blouse!! Cute :) I wish I had saved some of my favourite me mades for the last week. It's going to be a bit boring around my parts. But only one more day to go! Thank goodness!!

    1. I know, I can't wait to wear something non-me-made...although on the 1st of June I'm going to a wedding and wearing a dress I have made just for the occasion :)