Monday, May 20, 2013

Me Made May: Week 3, Part 2

Day 16: Cool Weather New Look 6808; Portmans skirt; Target flats (which I didn't end up wearing to work in the end- I chose black heels).

Day 17: Friday, my day off with my girl. I'm wearing a tunic top that is probably too short to be worn over leggings but oh well. I just love this fabric! I decided I wanted to make a couple more of these tunics then realised I sold the pattern when I had a pattern cull a few months ago. D'oh! 


Day 18: Good Enough To Eat Dress;  Pinup Couture heels. This was for a fancy night out with my friend and her fiancee to celebrate my birthday. We went to a French restaurant and I had escargots for my entree. Yummm! The bill came to $330 for the four of us. Yikes!!!

Day 19: My birthday, sans glasses and fringe! I think I will grow my fringe out for a while so I can pin it back 'coz I like the way that looks. 
The top is another version of the tunic from Day 17 and I love it. The jeans are Lee Riders, a miracle op shop find in the right size for $8, but the zipper keeps falling down. Shoes and earrings also from an op shop.

I got some great presents- a pair of Tony Bianco leather knee high boots that are only about 2cm too big for my tiny calves (a big achievement), and from my wonderful mother-in-law, the Cambie pattern by Sewaholic which I've been wanting for ages, and this amazing long tunic that she knitted from the most incredibly soft wool-bamboo blend. I love it!


  1. Happy birthday for day 18!! Your dress is perfection :)

    I actually had my first escargot about 2 weeks ago and it was after a wine or two. I'm not sold. But mostly because I was eating a snail, not because of the taste, because it didn't really taste like anything except garlic...

    1. Oooh, the garlic is the best part!!!