Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Me Made May: Week 2 Part 1

I've decided to do two blog posts per week for Me Made May. Mostly because Blogger is being a pain with loading pictures.

 Day 6: Study Hall Skirt;  knit top from op shop, Target flats.
I've only worn this skirt once before. For all the work that I put into it, it's a huge disappointment. The pleats don't sit well and it's too short by far.

Day 7: New Look 6000; beads from op shop.
I've only worn this dress once or twice but I love it. I feel incredibly sexy in it, even though it shows that I have no hips whatsoever.

 (This photo taken by Jimmy, bless him!)

Day 8: Self-drafted circle skirt; New Look 3668 blouse; Target cardi (a hand-me-up from my stepdaughter!)

I started this skirt on Saturday night. I thought it would come together quite quickly. Well, it did- the actual construction only took about an hour and a half. But the hem took FOR EFFING EVER. My god, I never want to do that again! Measure out the hem line and mark all around it, press the hem, cut off excess hem allowance, finish raw edge (I was going to use lace to finish it but the 4 metres of lace I have wasn't enough! So I overlocked it), gather the hem to ease it, sew basting stitches in preparation for machine blind hemming, sewing the blind hem, and then when I thought it was finally finished...unpick all the basting stitches! That part alone took me an hour! WHAT A PAIN.

Whinging aside, I ADORE the skirt. It's made from some suiting I got for $4.95/m and it has a lovely drape, washes really well, doesn't fade, and DOESN'T NEED IRONING. EVER!!!! 

I am going to wear this baby to death!

I'm enjoying MMM so far as I've had to put a bit more thought into what I wear, instead of picking the same favourites all the time.


  1. Oh honey I love the dress, it's gorgeous.

    If blogger is giving you grief with loading pics, I had problems months back and switched to using Crome rather than Internet Explorer, solved all dramas. Hope that helps. X

  2. I love your day 7 dress! Hehe, I know what you mean about self-drafted circle skirt hems! But when you've done them a few times they get quicker :)