Saturday, December 22, 2012

Hawaiian skirt-dress

I bought this skirt a while back from an op shop. It never saw much daylight as it was slightly too big for me and sat too low down on my hips (especially recently as I've lost about two inches from my hips) and the rather hideous 1970s colour scheme made it impossible to make a decent outfit with it. So I decided to make a dress out of it!


I used Kwiksew 3521 again for the bodice. I know, I'm so boring! I just can't be bothered going through the drama of trying another pattern and getting it to fit me. After the teeny tiny bodice I produced last time, I added a bit here and there to compensate, and it came out huge! Gah! So frustrating. It was much easier to fix than the too-small one, though!

The fabric is some lovely butter-yellow cotton sateen that I just adore, and I lined it with an old pillow case.

The fit is still far from perfect, but it will do.

You may have noticed that the bust darts are freakishly high. No, my nipples are not that high up on my bust. I really have no idea how this happened as I didn't touch the dart position when I made my 'improvements'!


...but wait, there's more!

My neighbour gave me a bag of jeans a while ago and not surprisingly, nothing fit me- except for this hideous thing: 


I thought it was okay in theory, but when I put it on, I felt like a complete dork. 
It's like a girdle in the front...and check out the back! Corset!!!


I held on to them because the fit is really good, and it's basically impossible for me to get jeans to fit me well now since I've gained 3-4 inches on my derriere and lost a few from my hips. So off came the silly girdle-corset, out came my new denim needle, and hey presto! New pants!


  1. Love the print on the skirt come dress. Great work on the jeans your but looks great in them.

    1. Hehe, thanks! I've been working very hard on it!