Thursday, December 27, 2012

The madness is over!

...the madness that is Christmas, of course! 

We had a great day, full of food, laughter, and presents. 
My children got thoroughly spoiled by our extended family, and so did I. 
My favourite gifts were my first-ever Colette pattern from my sister-in-law (I have the sewing handbook, but that doesn't count) and a book called The Dressmakers' Bible from my mother-in-law. Although I already have three or four sewing books, this one is great as it concentrates solely on dressmaking techniques.
I'm looking forward to making up the Lily dress in the new year.

Also, I may have treated myself to a dress or two...or three! Teehee. Every single day I go to Modcloth and drool over all the loveliness there, and in November when 3 dresses I loved were on sale, I bit the bullet and placed an order. They arrived last week and I wore this baby on Christmas day. I also got this and the same one in red.

I'm always in charge of desserts on Christmas day, and as usual, I didn't disappoint. This is a spiced Buche de Noel (Christmas log) with maple marscapone cream and toffee shards. YUMMMMM. 
I'm a pretty crappy cook, but when it comes to desserts, I rock!

 Here's a pic of the kids and I. They are all still in their jammies.

At the moment I am working on Colette Pastille, from the Sewing Handbook. After I traced and cut my pattern, I did some research and it seems the general opinion of this pattern is that it's a bitch to fit!!! Gah! I will give it a red hot go, though. I will sew up my muslin tomorrow and see how bad it is!

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