Friday, May 11, 2012

This week's purchases

I just thought I'd share some crafty bargains I picked up this week.
First up I got this single bed sheet and a long slip from an op shop.
The sheet will be used to make a summer frock and I will be chopping the bottom off the slip so I can wear it under my unlined dresses/ skirts.

I went to Spotlight on the weekend and they had some bargains. I picked up this lovely sage cotton at $5 per metre. I think I will make a top or even a dress with it. Or both!

This cute cotton was $2.40 per metre! I will use it to make something for Elizabeth and maybe a summer top for myself.

This is boring as bat poo, but it was under $4/m and I bought it to make some work pants.

My favourite! I got 4 metres of this gorgeous quilter's cotton and it was a ridiculous $3/m!!! I can't wait to make myself a pretty summer frock with a gathered skirt with this stuff.

I've nearly finished a blouse I've been working on this week but it's very clow going as I only have been able to snatch 10 minutes at the machine at any one time.

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