Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Another New Look 6078

So here's the blouse I mentioned I was working on! I was waiting until I could get a few more closeup pics but I haven't been bothered to do that yet, and the desire to blog may not come upon me again for a while. So I'll edit the other pics in when I finally convince Jane to put on the blouse and let me photograph her.

This is my third attempt at this blouse and I've ALMOST got it  perfect. Almost!!! I just can...not...get...that...collar....right!!!!! Argh! However, I think the cuteness of the ricrac disguises the messiness of the collar.

I think I have got the fit pretty much perfect now. I made the bust darts 1cm longer and the fit issues seemed to magically disappear! Hurrah!

I love everything about it...the sweet little sleeves, the cool purple buttons ($1 from an op shop), the awesome print, but most of all the cutesy wutesy collar! I just wanna wear this EVERY DAY!

I wore it to work yesterday with my favourite skirt of the moment- I picked it up from an op shop a couple of months ago and I love the shape and colour. The boots had to be thrown in the bin last night- I hadn't worn them for a few years and the crappy fake leather was flaking off.


  1. I love the fabric that you chose for this one! It's very Trina Turk. Nice work too.

    I am currently attempting #6078, I can't get the collar either. I am convinced that the pattern is off... or something. I was thinking of drafting a new collar w/ collar stand. Any tips or tricks from your experience?


  2. Thanks! I had to Google 'Trina Turk'. Her dresses are amazing!

    The collar just does not sit right. I was thinking of maybe attaching a facing next time I try it, but a stand would probably be better.

    Let me know if you have any success as the damn collar is the only thing stopping me from making dozens of these!