Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Am I as cool as I think I am?

This is what I wore to work yesterday (it is a dress- I was wearing a grey cardi with it).
One of my students walked in for his flute lesson and exclaimed, "Are you SERIOUS? Those shoes DO NOT go with that outfit!" I was not offended in the slightest; I just laughed and told him he had no taste.

So I posted that conversation and the photo on Facebook last night. One friend commented that one should never wear tights with open-toed shoes. She kept going on about it- apparently it's a 'rule'? the point I was trying to get across to her was that my concern for the 'rules' is non-existent. If I think it looks good, why does it matter if I break one of these so-called rules, which change from year to year? She suggested I wear these shoes with footless tights, to which I replied, "Yuk!"

But then that got me to thinking...am I just a big laughing stock, instead of the cool and funky chick I think I am? I would like to think that anything goes these days...heck, if girls can wear fugly mullet skirts, boot/sandal thingies, and short denim shorts with the pockets hanging out, surely I can wear tights and open toed shoes!

Either way, I'm still going to wear whatever I want...anyone who doesn't like it is probably just jealous!


  1. I am in love with the idea of lemon shoes with that polka dot dress, but must admit I have never overcome the peep toe/ tights question....& so haven't....But I have seen plenty of people looking great with it, so you go, looks great from here!

  2. I like the combo! I think when you wear coloured tights with peep toes that's ok because it's making a deliberate statement that you have obviously chosen to wear them together, not just shoved on some neutral coloured tights and forgot you had peep toes on! :-)