Friday, June 12, 2015

A few little creations

I haven't really done much sewing lately. I've been really busy with work and crap, and have kinda lost the will and motivation to make stuff for myself.

However, I did whip up this little Sewaholic Renfrew top:

I scraped it out of a very small piece of fabric, and had to use some plain red knit to line the cowl. Upon first inspection, I didn't think the print was directional, but when I first looked at this photo I realised that most of the bows on the front are upside down! Oh well. This was a really good stash busting project.

I also whipped up this little infinity scarf/ cowl type thing using a piece of leftover ponte. No effort at all was required. I think it took 10 minutes to make!

Lastly, a gift for a birthday party that the kids went to today. The dress is the Gallery by Boo! Designs. I got the pattern for the little headband by googling 'girls knotted headband'. This was not a stash busting fact, I broke my fabric buying ban in a big way last weekend. Oh well, 6 months is pretty good!


  1. I like all these pieces. I've made unfity scarves before out of old t-shirts. The fabric for dress is way too cute.

    1. Hey, that's a great idea! I should try that.