Thursday, January 22, 2015

Our newest family member

This is totally not sewing related, but I was just over on another blog where the lovely lady was showing off her new dog, and I think it's nice to blog about something other than sewing once in a while :)

Our old Husky x Akita, Jasper, was 14 years old when we made the extremely difficult decision to have him put to sleep in September. He could barely walk, was completely deaf, and wasn't even interested in his food any more. He had been part of our family for 9 years- before that, he was my dad's, and my dad asked me to take care of his best mate when he learned he was terminally ill. The above pictures are Jasper as a pup, and then on the day before he passed.

I knew that I wanted to get another dog as soon as possible because there was just something missing when Jasper left. My husband told me in no uncertain terms that I'd have to wait until after Christmas as we were going away for a week just before Christmas. However, I was Facebooking on the toilet one day (as you do) and this photo popped up on the Animal Welfare League page.


I knew straight away that I had to have her. Akitas are so rare around here- I've only ever seen 3 others- and I couldn't believe there was another dog who was the same breed combination as dear old Jasper! I begged my husband and he reluctantly agreed.

 After many phone calls to the AWL, who couldn't really tell me anything about her or whether she was actually available for adoption or foster, we picked her up the next day. She is the sweetest thing you could ever meet. I've never met a more affectionate dog in my life! And she's very vocal...she talks like Chewbacca when she wants a walk or a belly tickle, and yelps like a maniac when we come home! Best of all, she loves running...she's the cutest running buddy a girl could ever have!

We did discover why she was surrendered to the pound...she is a serial escape artist. She got out 3 times and it was very worrying, not to mention expensive paying impound fees! Since my hubby put up dog mesh along the back fence in late November, we've had no more incidents.

She also loves the kids and other dogs.

Her name was originally Shyla but I thought it was a bit of a bogan name (for the non-Aussies, a bogan is the equivalent of a redneck) so we changed it to Shiloh. Like the Neil Diamond song :)

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