Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 in review

I quite like doing these end-of-year roundup posts. I don't count my projects as I complete them through the year so I really have no idea of how many makes I completed. I do know that I pretty much did nothing on my new year's re-sew-lution list. Whoops!

To start off, here's what I made in 2014:

Elizabeth's birthday dress

Husband's brthday shirt

Hidey Hole mouse

New Look 6000

Mummy and daughter farm skirts
Apple Mouse for Jimmy
Shorts for Jimmy
Ottobre magazine shorts for Jimmy
Sewaholic Thurlow shorts
Christine Haynes Emery dress
Emery #2
Emery with New Look 6000 sleeves
Simplicity 2154 blouse and cardi
Mish Mash Dress
Sewaholic Renfrew top

Self drafted skirt for Elizabeth
Sewaholic Renfrew dress
Sewaholic Renfrew dress
Jiffy dress

Lisette Traveller dress
New Look 6176 linen shift dress
Lisette Round Trip dress
Lisette Round Trip dress
Summer dressing gown
Kitschy Koo skater dresses for Elizabeth
Elizabeth's Christmas dress

Christmas dress

 I'm pretty pleased that I made 12 items for other people. I am a pretty selfish sewist, so it's good that I took the time to make things for other people. Damn, I just realised I forgot to photograph the scarf and bag I made my sister in law!!!

18 makes for myself. I tried out 8 new patterns this year, and made a few of those multiple times because I like them so much. I becamse more patient with my sewing and tried not to set myself deadlines. I took the time to finish my hems nicely, using either machine or hand blind hem for most of my dresses, and made sure my zippers were inserted neatly. I'm pretty proud of the quality of my sewing compared to last year, but I still have a long way to go!

Hits and Misses

 - The mouse toys that I made the kids for their birthdays- they both sleep with them every night.
- Floral Emery- this gets worn on a regular basis and works well in any season.
- Black Renfrew top- I lived in this in winter. So, so comfy and I can't wait to make more.
- Linen shift dress- I can't wait to make this pattern again, and use linen again. It's so lovely.
- Lisette Round Trip dresses- especially the Eiffel Tower one. I just adore this style of dress.

- New Look 6000- This style of dress is just not me. Too tight. I only wore it twice all year.
- Shirt for my husband- it just looks home made.The fit is far too baggy.
-Groovy retro car print shorts for Jimmy- even though these are awesome, he refuses to wear them. Says they are too long. I suspect he just doesn't  like them because I made them.

This year I have a few goals.

1) Do not buy ANY fabric. I have shelves and drawers full of fabric and need to use it all up.
2) Make more casual clothes as I hardly have any. Pretty much all I own is dresses and exercise gear. I need plain skirts, solid coloured blouses, and casual dresses.
3) Make gifts. I can't really make gifts for Jimmy's friends but I will try to make a simple skirt or dress every time Elizabeth is invited to a birthday party.
4) Try to take better pictures for my blog.

So that's it! So long, 2014, hellooooo 2015!!!

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  1. You owned 2014 nice work! I am loving those Lisette dresses, I'm adding it to my queue! Happy new year x