Friday, January 3, 2014

Projects for 2014

I find it very exciting to think about what I'm going to make this year. I love making lists. I just find it so satisfying!If you are a list person, you'll understand.

I want to make a couple of summer dresses for myself. I haven't made a shift dress yet and I have a feeling the shape won't suit me but I'm going to try anyway. One of these two patterns that I have in my stash:

Sorry about the flash. I suck.

And this dress (main view) in some beautiful yellow floral with butterflies.

And I will have another go at the 50s mail order dress...

 And I want to make the full-skirted version of this....

Okay, that's  probably more dresses than I will actually make. Or not. We'll see.

There are 3 family birthdays coming up and I am making a few gifts. A shirt for my husband and shorts (and maybe a shirt) for my son:

(need to hurry up and start this as Husband's birthday is in 2 weeks and have never made a shirt)

An alien softie for my son and a mouse softie and hat and some kind of clothing for my daughter.

Now practical stuff. I need a simple, lined, straight black skirt. I have about a million black skirts but many of them don't have waistbands. I like to wear blouses tucked in so a waistband is essential. Will be using this marvellous pattern again:

And a couple of blouses. A plain and a print. Maybe one from the above pattern and  View B of this one:

Some smart, well-fitting black pants. They are essential for any woman, especially a performing musician who wears all black at gigs! I'm going to make the Thurlows again but in the 2nd smallest size instead of the smallest as I'm sure my ass will grow more.

Knits! I'm not going to be scared any more. I just need to find some decent fabric. What kind of knits are best for these? There are so many- it's confusing!

I should have a great, practical wardrobe by the end of the year!

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