Sunday, December 8, 2013

More un-selfish sewing

I've been a busy girl again.This coming week is Jimmy's last week of prep (the first year of schooling in Australia- I guess the same as Kindergarten in the USA). His teacher has been so amazing and I know that she will love these gifts. 


The bag on the left is for the teacher; the one on the right is for the teacher aide who is also awesome. I am in love with Spotlight's Monteau printed drill that they have at the moment- it's reduced to $9.99/m. I ended up going back and buying another 2 metres of the one on the left for myself.


The bags are very simple and quick and have pockets on the inside.

I also whipped up this reversible pinny for the teacher's daughter.


And some 'taggies'- one for the teacher's bun-in-the-oven, and two more for a couple of other lucky bubbas that I know. The weird-lookin' green fabric is minky, a deliciously soft fabric commonly used in cloth nappies.
I love making taggies for babies- they take about 20 minutes from cutting to finishing and babies just love holding onto them and stroking the ribbons on their faces.

The other side :)

 I have two more things I'm working on, but unfortunately I can't share those until after Christmas. I hope to fit in another skirt for myself between now and that time.

And here's my baby girl in front of the Christmas tree.


  1. What great presenti ideas, I wish I didn't leave everything to the last minute and sewed up some nice xmas presents for people, your little girl is too cute!

  2. Thanks! She sure is :)
    I haven't been organised enough to sew Xmas gifts the past couple of years, but I decided to make more of an effort this year- and the projects were all so quick, I had most of them done in no time.