Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Some sewing!

It's a little late, but here's the post about my second attempt at Kwiksew 3521.

For this one, I chose view A, the scoop neckline, but I kept the length of view B.
I chose a gorgeous red floral quilter's cotton, and the end result sits much more nicely in the skirt area than the first one I made. It was easier to sew with, too.

It was much easier the second time around, but it still needs some tweaking. It's a tiny bit loose around the back of my arms and the top of the side seams.

I really, really need learn to be patient when it comes to zippers. Instead of hand sewing the bodice lining to the zipper, I was lazy and machine sewed both layers of the bodice to the zipper at once. The result? A lining that catches on the zipper. Unfortunately I'm not the kid of sewist who likes to correct mistakes that aren't completely catastophic. Anyway, it's nothing that a good hard tug doesn't fix :)

Oh, I made belt loops, too. My own idea. Gee, I'm so clever!

I had a length of belt loop strap left so I dodgied up this matching hair clip. I got the idea from my friend Trudie over at My Vintage Vow and thought it looked super cute.

I already did the rundown on this pattern on my first sewing post,so I don't have too much more to add.

Pattern: About $6
Fabric: $4/m...I used just under 2m, so I'm guessing $7
Zipper: $1.50
Thread: Stash
Hook and eye: Stash
Total: $14.50

I think I might make one more this summer, probably in the next couple of weeks, then try another dress pattern.

Ciao for nao! xox


  1. Super cute my love. A couple of the blogs I follow have Etsy stores doing custom dresses in similar styles to this with vintage fabrics. I'm thinking I might treat myself to one this year.

  2. This looks like a great 'go to' pattern. Such a pretty dress. Always a bore having to hand sew the lining to the zipper... but you know it makes sense! ;-)

    1. Oh yes indeed...I have learned from my folly! Thanks for stopping by. I love your blog!