Monday, February 15, 2016

Lizzie's birthday

My baby turned six on the weekend. Crazy!

I always make her a special dress, and this year I decided on the Bow Peep Dress from the first issue of One Thimble magazine.

It's so pretty and girly!

For this dress, I wasn't my usual lazy self, and I actually went out and bought fabric specifically for this project. Some gorgeous black floral quilter's cotton, and some kind-of-matching polka dot quilter's cotton. The problem was that as I was cutting out the dress, I realised I was 30cm short. I didn't have enough to cut out the bodice front. I checked my local stores but they had sold out. I put out a call on Facebook and asked my non-local friends to look for it and post it to me. Then the following week, I went back to one of my local stores and they had it. Yay. But the next day, a friend in Brisbane sent me a text saying she'd bought me some from her local store. So I actually have a fair bit of it left now!

Anyway, this dress has some lovely features- the most obvious of which is the gorgeous thick belt loops which give a lace effect. It also has flutter sleeves (I doubled mine to make it even cuter), a massive sash, and button and loop closure at the back. How cute is it?!

I loved making this. The instructions were  good, but if I make it again I'll attach the skirt differently. It says to press in the seam allowance of the main bodice, and to sew the skirt to the bodice lining, top stitching the main bodice afterwards. It just looked too messy to me and I should have trusted my instinct which told me that my pressing wasn't straight enough for it to work that way.

All in all, a most enjoyable sew. Lizzie lives it. I don't have any action pics yet as they are still on my camera.

 I also made some cute bunting for her bed. It came all printed out on a panel- all I had to do was cut around the triangles, sew them together, and add binding. The panel also had a little owl shaped cuddly toy which I sewed up, but which is too boring to be photo-worthy.

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