Sunday, July 19, 2015

Kitschy Koo Skater Dresses

I finally made something for myself! A few weeks ago at Spotlight, the scuba knit was half price. I've never sewed with it before but it felt nice and thick and durable, so I bought enough to make myself a Lady Skater Dress, according to the yardage chart.

I held on to the fabric for a while before cutting it out last weekend. I decided to cut a straight size 2, despite being 2 inches bigger in the waist than that size is cut for. I figured the stretch would be forgiving. I ended up having to reduce my bodice side seams right down to 1/4" to stop it from being really skin tight. Next time I'll cut a 3.

This was a very easy, fast sew. I did all my seams on the overlocker, which I'd loaded up with four spools of matching polyester sewing machine thread, because I couldn't find overlocker thread the right colour. This way was much cheaper, too! I top stitched the neckline with my twin needle, but I'm not sure I like it. I love the twin stitching on the hem, though!

This dress is incredibly comfy to wear, and so flattering! I don think there is a single body type that this style wouldn't look good on. And because I made the cap sleeve version, I can wear this all year round. I wore it to work with a cardi and my green wool coat.

Even though I purchased the exact amount of fabric specified for the cap sleeve version in size 2, I still had a bit left over. So,what did I do? I made one for Betty!

This was ridiculously quick. I cut it last night, sewed for an hour, then hemmed it this morning. She absolutely loves it!

I'm so much more confident with knits now! An overlocker and twin stretch needle just make life so much easier. I can't wait to make us some more stretchy creations!

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