Friday, March 6, 2015

Shagadelic Jiffy dress

As soon as my dear friend Trudie gave me this awesome fabric, I knew I had to make a cute shift dress out of it.

The last time I used this pattern, I had a really hard time getting it to fit me, but I thought I'd give it another shot as I think the style really suits the print of this groovy fabric. This time I graded the back waist to a size 12 (the top section is size 8) but weight want to do too much to the front as it has French darts and I was scared of stuffing it up. I wanted to add the cute little bow on the neck but I had barely enough fabric to cut the two dress pieces. The fabric was only 36 inches wide- I've never seen fabric so narrow! I'm it quite sure of the fabric composition- perhaps Trudie can help me out. I don't even know if it's vintage fabric or just retro repro.

It came together very easily, but when I'd finished and went to try it on, it wouldn't fit over my lower hips. WTF? I'm not even hippy...I have no shape! Luckily I'd only basted the side seams, so I just reduced them down as far as I could in the waist and hip area.

The fit isn't perfect- there is some excess fabric in my lower back and under my bust, and I couldn't even attempt pattern matching with the amount of fabric I had, but I love it! It's so cute and shagadelic!


  1. Oh you are most shagadelic my love and I'm so happy to see this fabric made into something fun. I can't tell you too much about the fabric except to think it has some kind of cotton blend to it. I bought the fabric at a garage sale years ago it was a deceased estate where the women had been an epic fabric hoarder and quilter. When I say epic I truly mean it too, the entire undercover garage, veranda, shipping container and a sewing/quilting room had fabric and sewing supplies on offer. It was a serious case of fill box for $10 you would have had a shagadelic orgasm.

    1. Shagadelic orgasm! Love it!
      I remember when you went to that deceased estate sale. Wow, it must have been a real 'kid in a candy store' experience! I love this fabric so much and I'm so grateful you gave it to me!

  2. The silhouette of this dress is so cute and looks great on you. I have been wanting to make this dress forever, myself. That's so funny about the hip thing. That's how I feel about my boobs. How could something not fit? It's not like I got anything going on there, anyway.

    And I'm really into fashion/sewing history and I thought I read somewhere/learned in fashion school/probably totally made up that 36" fabric was invented during WWII.

    Here is a fun piece of fashion history that I know is actually legit: pocket flaps - like fake pockets on jackets and blazers and whatnot - were invented during WWII because they didn't have enough fabric to actually make pockets, so they faked it.

    1. I love learning little tidbits of fashion history! Thank you!
      I really should do some research on the 36" thing...that will probably give me a better idea of the age of the fabric.