Monday, August 25, 2014

Not-so-jiffy Jiffy dress

So I picked up this pattern a while ago for a ridiculously cheap price. Before I'd finished my curtain making (which I have finally finished...woohoo!) I decided I needed to make myself a quick dress. It's called Jiffy, so that means it's fast, right?

I stupidly thought this was going to be easy to fit. I don't know why, but I thought it was a simple shift dress and completely overlooked the fact that it has French darts. It also has  a centre front seam and shaping in the back. Suffice it to say that when I put it on, it was a disaster. Too loose around the bust and really tight around my butt and waist. When will learn to cut the bottom half two sizes bigger than the top???

Anyway, obviously I resolved the fitting issues- it was just a matter of putting it on, pinning, unpicking, sewing, putting it back on...about 10 times. But I got there in the end. 

The fabric is pique and was left over from a previous dress. I still have enough left to make a dress for my daughter. This fabric has great structure.

This dress is a really cute shape and I love it. I will make another one in summer but will have to do some tweaking to the pattern. Also, it's not bra friendly (as you can see) and I hate my bra showing so I will need to fix this.

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