Sunday, September 29, 2013

Vogue gored skirt

So I have a kind of sewing plan written up with things I want to make...which gets ignored 50% of the time when I decide on a whim to make something. This is one of those 'on a whim' projects.

I had this ridiculously small piece of sateen in my stash that I thought was far too small to make anything non-child-sized (I had a 22 inch long piece of it). The fabric is gorgeous- the most lightweight sateen I've ever seen. 

After looking through my patterns, I thought I might be able to make this- a pattern I purchased about 15 years ago, long before I know how to sew. I have no idea why I bought it- I guess I thought my mum would make it for me? Anyhoo, by taking 2 inches off View C and using some plain black suiting for the yoke, I managed to squeeze it out! 

It was pretty quick to make. I cut out the pieces on Thursday, did 90 minutes of sewing on Friday night, about an hour last night, then wore it today! All of the seams (except the side seams) are topstitched, and I love topstitching for some insane reason. And I had my (mother-in-law's) overlocker serviced and it sews like a dream now!

Closeup of the piecing and yoke

The most difficult part was attaching the yoke to the skirt. My version's yoke is not as 'pointy' as the one in the picture. I could not get my head around attaching a concave angle to a convex one.

This is a great skirt- very floaty and fun. I like the length even if it's quite a bit shorter than I would normally wear.


I wore it today on a family outing to Kingscliff, about a 40 minute drive across the border. It was a gorgeous spring day, with fish & chips and swimming on the beach.

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