Monday, March 18, 2013

Op shop goodies

I popped into Lifeline last week and came out with these goodies for $11.

6 metres of what feels like very fine lawn. Or maybe something synthetic. Who knows, I'm hopeless with fabric identification! It has a lovely drape and the backgroud colour is lovely.


4 metres of some kind of cotton. Voile, maybe? Not my colour scheme at all, but as if I could pass it up at $4!


A really cool cushion cover for my music room.


I haven't done any sewing since my Pastille dress. I'm not quite sure what to make next. Maybe Gertie's shirtwaist dress? Anyway, it won't be for some time as I'm soooo busy lately. I teach all day every Saturday. I have an orchestral gig all day this Sunday and I also had a gig with my big band yesterday. The venue wants us to play there once a month, which is hugely exciting!

Here we are- that's me in the front!


  1. Sweet fabrics Hun. I'm so happy for you and so proud of all the successes you're having with the band. X