Friday, February 1, 2013

Selfless sewing

So one of my new year's re-sew-lutions (sorry, couldn't resist) was to stop being a selfish old cow and to make more stuff for other people. I've done pretty well so far!

My boy Jimmy started school this week. Here he is, looking adorable and excited on his first day.

I made him a couple of things that he needed for school- a swimming bag (on left) which is lined with waterproof fabric, and a padded library bag. He is super chuffed with his handmade stuff.

Also, I made my first curtains! I bought this fabric about 6 months ago and put off making them because I was scared of ruining them. Then we had a rainy weekend (a bit more than rainy- the whole of South East Queensland was flooded) and my mother in law came over and told me what to do. So I whipped them up the next day in about two and a half hours. I was soooo surprised it took such a short time! I'd envisaged days and days of toiling away at the ironing board and sewing machine. I can't wait to make some more!

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  1. What kid wouldn't be chuffed with lovingly handmade stuff from their mums. I know at least our kids would be. Jimmy looks so cute and excited.