Sunday, October 28, 2012

Shitted Feet Dress

I decided to make another dress a few weeks ago, and to try a new pattern. I'd bought New Look 6910 a few months ago. This was my first time making a dress with princess seams instead of darts. I have to admit tht it was much, much easier to fit than a darted bodice.

I used some stiff kind of lineny-cottony stuff that I found in an op shop for a couple of dollars. It's quite sheer, so I lined the whole thing with an old fitted sheet. I posted a progress shot on Facebook and a friend commented, "I love dresses made out of shitted feets!" I laughed for about two days straight and ever since then I've referred to it as the Shitted Feet Dress.

It cost me a lot more than it should have to make because I burned the first invisible burned, I mean I pressed it with the iron too hot and melted some of the teeth. That damn zipper cost me $4.95! So I was very careful with the next one. 

Pattern used: New Look 6910

Fabrics and notions 
Lineny stuff
Part of a fitted sheet
Invisible zipper (x2)

Pattern alterations or any design changes
Shaved a bit off the bust curve of the princess seams
Tapered the waist to size 10, which I won't do next time as it is a wee bit big
Lined the skirt
Used an invisible zipper instead of a normal one

Did you use any new skills?  
Princess seams
Although it was easy fitting the bodice to my front, when I basted in the zipper I discovered I needed to add almost a whole inch to the seam allowance as it was too big. Easily fixed.

The neckline gapes a bit...a lot....I need to remember that this happens on all my dresses and to adjust accordingly. I have a very small chest, as in the part between my bust and collarbone (and my actual bust too, of course).

Derpy derp derp!
Oh! And I made the stoopid mistake of not checking that the sewn-in belt matched up at the back before I sewed in the second zipper. Whoops! Another easy fix.

Pattern: $6
Fabric: I think it was $2. I used pretty much the whole cut.
Lining: Nothing
Zippers: $9.90
Thread: Stash
Total: $17.90

Wearability factor
Good wearability factor. I wore it today to my father-in-law's 80th birthday party, and to a drinks night last week. It goes really well with a nice cardi that someone made for me a while ago.

A very nice, easy pattern that I will definitely be sewing again.
I forgot to mention that the skirt has pleats, which looks really nice.

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