Thursday, September 20, 2012

A belated quickie

 I forgot to post these two items from my winter sewing to-do list.

First up is a pair of (very) wide-legged pants, from New Look 6873. I had made these once before, extremely hurriedly (for a disco night), in size 10 which was far too big for me. So this time I made the 8. I used some cheap quilting fabric just to test out the sizing.


As you can see, they really don't suit me at all. I wonder if they would sit better if I were to use something with a nice drape? The fit is pretty good, but the legs don't look nice.

The other item I tried out for the first time was Butterick B5711. 


I'd never purchased a Butterick pattern before, but all the patterns at Spotlight were half price so I grabbed it. It was still super expensive even at that price!
I used some gorgeous drapey stuff- gorgette, maybe?- that I got for $2.95/m at a local store called Fabric Frenzy. Yes, TWO DOLLARS NINETY-FIVE!!! And I got a gorgeous fuschia as well. It is divine!!!

This came together okay, but the instructions are SO confusing!!! It doesn't explain things properly at all! I want to make view B for summer in the fuschia gorgette.

It's quite unusual as it has tucks instead of darts. I luuuurve the tie collar!

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